About LinkDefendr
Once you have signed up to LinkDefendr, you will be asked to sign in to your Google account, and then select the YouTube channel you want LinkDefendr to monitor. This is via the oAuth standards provided by Google. During this linking process, you will be shown what access we will have to your account. It is 'Read Only'. That means we can retrieve your YouTube channel details, but not modify anything. We use the YouTube API to retrieve your videos and descriptions. Next, we look at the description and extract any links that appear. We then check to see if that link is still 'live'. If we don't get a 'Success' status back, we will flag it as an error, and then try three more times to make sure it really is dead. Once all the links have been checked, we will drop you an email with the result. You can then log into your dashboard to see which links are dead. LinkDefendr will automatically check all your links every day.
My Account
If you decide you want to upgrade or downgrade your plan, simply click on your avatar in the top right and select 'Your Settings'. On the left you will see some options. Under 'Billing' click 'Subscription'. Here you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription. If you cancel your subscription, LinkDefendr will stop checking your links.
Click your avatar in the top right. Select 'Subscription' under 'Billing' Click 'Cancel Subscription'. LinkDefendr will stop checking your links once cancelled.
Affiliate Account
Visit https://linkdefendr.io/affiliates and sign up. Then when you refer anyone to LinkDefendr, use your unique url. If you forget it, it is shown on your affiliate page.
When you sign up, you need to tell us the Paypal account you would like to be paid into. You will be paid at the start of each month.
The current commission rate is 30% recurring monthly