FACT: Broken or faulty links are the
#1 source of lost income for YouTubers.

You’d be AMAZED how many affiliate links in YouTube video descriptions don’t work…

This is the case even for BIG companies & high-profile social media “influencers”

And particularly true for posts that are more than a couple of months old

All of these little glitches could be costing you hundreds or even THOUSANDS of dollars a day.

When I checked back on my own channels in 2019…

I found that 35% of my affiliate links weren’t working any more!!

That’s crazy… could you imagine running a taxi cab business where a THIRD of your cars are broken down?

It’s no wonder most affiliate marketers FAIL within the first two or three years.

Question is: What can YOU do about it?

As I found out, combing through every video in your back catalogue is a nightmare…

It takes HOURS of your precious time and stops you making fresh content to grow your business.

But what if there was another way…?


It’s a new app that monitors your YouTube videos & affiliate/social links around the clock...

Leaving you FREE to get on with more important business.

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LinkDefendr is not part of YouTube and uses the YouTube API

Saves you time and money

Video descriptions tend to be packed with affiliate links. Previously, when a URL changed or the product was taken down, there was no way of knowing. But with LinkDefendr you can turn all of those missed clicks into additional sales.

Designed specifically for YouTubers

It’s shocking to see how many social links are broken on YouTube pages. With this technology you simply give the app a list of your YouTube channels and it will monitor them automatically. As soon as a link stops working, you get an immediate notification.

LinkDefendr is a super easy ‘set-and-forget’ app.

Just add your YouTube pages to the dashboard and press “GO”.

The app does all of the hard work…

Checking your video descriptions and links 24/7 to make sure everything’s working as it should.

So whether you’ve just got the one channel… or manage more than 100...

This is the most effective solution on the market for protecting your affiliate links.


Here's how it works

Uses YouTube API

we use the YouTube API to import your videos, meaning we aren’t scraping the site illegally.

Automated Link Testing

your video descriptions are analysed, and the links are extracted and checked to see if they still work.

Immediate Alerts

after checking, we will send you an email telling you if there are any broken links so you can take appropriate action.

Scans For New Videos

we check for new videos daily, and then re-test all of your links to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

The best part?

You can get started with LinkDefendr today for LESS than the commission on a SINGLE affiliate sale!

For regular affiliates the savings generated will pay for the app many times over…

And for more advanced marketers the ROI is potentially HUGE.

Simply click on the bundle below that best suits your needs... and get started right away.

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Basic Option
  • 1 user
  • 1 Google account
  • 1 YouTube channel
  • Full support
Standard Option
  • 1 user
  • 1 Google account
  • 5 YouTube channels
  • Full support
Pro Option
  • 1 user
  • 5 Google accounts
  • 25 YouTube Channels
  • Full support

P.S. you can rest assured that LinkDefendr is covered by our iron-clad 60-day money back guarantee. So if for any reason you change your mind, just get in touch and we’ll refund the full purchase amount. No questions asked!

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